Don’t believe World Cup predictions on Twitter

Twitter predicted vs. actual score of Group B Netherlands vs. Spain match on 13 June 2014

This evening saw the Netherlands face Spain for their first match in the group stage of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. 604 score predictions were made on Twitter in the hour before kick-off. When the final whistle blew, 100% of them had missed the mark.

The Twittersphere overwhelmingly tipped a 2—1 victory to Spain, the reigning world champions. A bit of a shame, then, that the Netherlands trounced them 5—1. Maybe the animal pundits will do better.

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Contours Magazine

Contours magazine

What does a mathematician do when they aren’t lecturing students? What kind of questions are they thinking about? What inspired them to study their subject and what do they do when they get stuck on a problem? What are the big questions facing mathematicians today?

Contours magazine is a student publication produced by the University of Edinburgh School of Mathematics, featuring interviews with maths lecturers. I was editor and graphic designer for the 2013–14 edition. Click here to read it on Issuu, or pick up a hard copy from King’s Buildings campus.

Student’s t-distribution teapot

Student's t-distribution probability density function

Student's t-distribution teapotWhere is a student’s tea distributed? Probably in a teapot.

Thus the Student’s t-distribution teapot is born. Warmly emblazoned across the outside is the probability density function of Student’s t-distribution, in case you need to estimate the mean of a normally distributed population and pour a cup of tea at the same time.

Lovingly designed for students and academics who take their probability and statistics as seriously as they take a proper brew. You can get one for yourself from Zazzle.